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Tattoo of Japanese girls -1.part

13 Mar 2013 / in News

There are many kind of tattoos what girls dream about however just some of the girls are stoic enough to wear back-piece or even whole body-suit tattoo in Japan. And I did not mean necessary pain like the biggest obstacle to have a tattoo. There are many smaller annoying things in Japan which tattooed girls have to face.

Japanese girls…..they need tattoos to be cute while walking in their tiny swimsuits, almost naked on a hot beach sand of the Japanese islands. Yes, there is a subculture of cute “downtown” girls who love to have some cute, sexy tattoo (always small spot tattoo) to attract eyes of others.

However, in Japan there is another part of society, still small but much bigger then downtown cute young girls. Those girls are not any common “kaishain” (salarywomen), those are belonging to music underground, surfers, snowboarders, climbers…..
Many of them literary live in the wans, either next to the beach in summer or next to the ski slope during the winter.
Those people could afford to have whatever tattoo just because they don’t do common jobs. They are considered like low class in Japan, but they live their lives the way they like it, without being stressed by other or by being fired from work because of their tattoos.
And there is another part of the Japanese female society, those girls who are girlfriends or wives of yakuza members, women from criminal underground. Those Japanese women usually wear very traditional large tattoo, because Yakuza itself is very traditionally organized mafia, which appreciate old Japan and everything what originate in time when Japan was strong country ruling whole Asia.

Will be continued……